Kiwi Cup 2012 Update

Issues and concerns have been identified with the 2012 Kiwi Cup International event hosted by the Auckland Badminton Association. Following this the Auckland Badminton Association has participated in both a Disputes Tribunal and Sport Tribunal of New Zealand process to seek a resolution with the affected party. Having reviewed the event with independent representatives from Badminton New Zealand, the Auckland Badminton Association accept that on paper there has been some misunderstandings and interpretations of the guidelines for the competition. The Auckland Badminton Association strive to ensure tournaments are run under best practice models and while in the instance of the Kiwi Cup there has been some misunderstandings around the rules, these are areas that will be reviewed and improved. The Auckland Badminton Association will ensure that there will be a close working relationship with Badminton New Zealand for future events to promote and develop the game in the future. Following mediation from Badminton NZ, all claims have been dropped and all parties have agreed that this issue is resolved. Ensuring the game is played, administered and governed with honesty, integrity and transparency is critical to us all and for the future of badminton.

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